Happy Photographing

It’s November, the holidays are in full swing, and parents of young children know what that means: family traditions, spending quality time together, and most importantly, pictures to prove it really happened. As parents, we try our best to create loving memories that our children can cherish for a lifetime. But we all know special moments are basically worthless if we don’t document them.

Why I Love Being a Helicopter Parent

When you see a mom at the park crawl up into the play structure behind her child, do you roll your eyes or smirk to your friend thinking, “I would never do that with my kid”? Helicopter parents have a really bad reputation, but guess what? I’m here to admit to you, I am a helicopter parent, and some of my friends are too. And I love it. Here’s why:

The Crushing Guilt

Before becoming a mother, I always thought of guilt very simply as a yes or no scenario:
Do I feel guilty for eating that third donut? Yes. Therefore, next time Dana brings donuts to work, I will only eat a half, err, one full serving size (which I believe is two donuts). Then I won’t feel guilty. Simple.

But only a mother can feel guilty for something whether she does it or not.