I got my first hate-comment to the blog, and I was so shocked that someone other than my mom is actually reading the blog! For the first time, my writing actually angered a stranger enough that he responded with a lengthy point-by-point tear-down of my article. I’m surprised he would take the time. I mean, my mantra is: “I am going to write a strongly worded letter,” but even my cat rolls her eyes when I say it, because she knows I’m not actually writing the letter. It’s much more fun just to scream the empty threat at Amazon while I throw away the faulty pizza cutter instead of returning it. Who knew my humble prose could inspire someone else to really take action?

The same day I discovered my online hater, I also ripped a giant hole in my pants. I was trying to get my newborn and toddler out of the house and into the car for a playdate we were already late for, sweaty, forgot deodorant, hair – not even close to styled. We were almost into the car and the entire crotch section of my pants just blew apart (making that stretch corduroy fabric the second thing to outright reject me that day). So I was standing in my driveway wearing homemade chaps, and not knowing what to do next. I wanted to cry and my toddler stood there pointing at the hole and trying to stick his hand in it. And I finally just burst out laughing. And then he burst out laughing. And the baby burped and spit up which, I think I can assume is her laugh equivalent.

Feel free to laugh in my face, my toddler did

I learned two things that day. 1. People other than my mom, 10 family members and 2 confirmed bots are reading my blog. A book deal should be just around the corner. And 2. Momma needs some new pants!

Amazon has pants, right? I’ll order three, but I’ll totally send two back.

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