Too Many Choices

Why are there 50 types of baby wipes? Aren’t they all basically the same? In my constant sleep-deprived state, I look at a wall of types of baby wipes and have to contemplate my entire parenting philosophy right there in Target.

“Well, I like the ones in the pretty package, but I’m not spending 50 cents a wipe on something that’s intended to get poop on it as its main purpose.

I could buy the cheapest, but those fall apart in your hand before they even touch a blow-out, and my son eats a lot of quinoa and avocado these days.

Hm, lavender scented, I could almost pretend I’m wearing some fancy scented lotion and not just that I showered with wipes today (let’s me honest, most days).

Now, what’s “sensitive skin”? Those are $2 more. But, don’t all babies have sensitive skin? Are there babies out there with fully adult in-sensitive skin? 

Should I be buying disposable wipes at all? Maybe I should make those reusable wipes that my cloth diapering friends use. Man, I really should have cloth-diapered my kids. Is it too late to start that now?

Oh, those wipes are on sale. There’s an online coupon for those. If I buy 10 boxes of those I get a $5 gift card, and OH MY GOODNESS why can’t I just pick a box of wipes already?!”

An old lady walks past me and smiles sympathetically because, oh, yes, I’ve been saying all of this OUT LOUD to myself, err, to my toddler and baby, in the middle of the diaper aisle.

I smile back and shrug. “Heh, too many choices.”

To kids: “Do you want popcorn for lunch? Let’s get some popcorn. Yes. Now that’s a choice I can make. Regular or Kettle? Let’s just get both.”

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